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Discover how to minimize your antique mall’s paperwork hassle.  Save time
and make more money with easy to use thoroughly modern antique mall software


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Why Antiques SOS™ for Windows?

We're so glad you asked!

Learn more about why SOS is the answer to your data management needs....


Look at the terrific features available in  SOS™.  In addition to the base feature set found in Basic each version has its own added features.

 Learn more about features...

How will SOS help me?

There are many unique benefits to choosing SOS™ for Windows® to help run your store.  Among the top benefits to you are easily saving significant time & money.

Learn more about user benefits...

How to choose mall software. 

Our very well received publication has served you well. Now there is a completely revised and updated version available. 

 Learn more about how to choose mall software....

Publications --

We have written and prepared many very useful articles and guides for antique mall owners and managers.  Here they are again.  We'll be updating and adding to them as time permits.

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Contact Us

We offer many ways to contact Software Gallery for more information about our product family.  After you have checked out this site you can call us at 1-888-527-2643.

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Antiques SOS™ for Windows

Totally new! Ultra- easy to use and very powerful! Antiques SOS™ for Windows® is the leading antique mall software. Available in Basic, Lite and Premium versions. Together they offer the power and flexibility to meet any any antique mall's computing needs.
Learn more about our products....


Premium™ is our flagship product.  Premium has the power to easily meet all the needs of s the largest and most demanding of antique mall operations.

Learn more about Premium


Lite™ serves the needs of a large percentage of antique malls.  It has the same day in day out reliability and ease of use as Premium™ but is designed to provide for larger but less complex antique mall operations.

Learn more about Lite


Basic™ serves the needs of smaller, less complex, antique malls.  It has the same day in and day out reliability and ease of use as Lite™

Learn more about Basic


User Comments

 What do our users think about the all new Antiques SOS™ for Windows®? Let them tell you their reactions in their own words. 
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Have Existing Software?

What if I have existing hard to use software? SOS™ for Windows® has a totally new, copyrighted, super easy to use user interface. It's the most modern professional quality software available. 

 Learn more about how your life can be so much better...

Not Computerized?

 If you aren't taking advantage of the easy to use, time saving accuracy, of modern computer software you are losing revenue and wasting time that could be better spent growing your business.

Learn more about our easy to use software can help you manage your mall business better....


Excellent and available support is a key factor in the long term value of owning any software product.
Learn more about how we provide support for our products....

Has Your Existing Software Left You Out in the Cold?

Is it hard to use?  Does it lack features you really need and miss? Is your support nearly non-existent and difficult to access?

We offer continuous improvement in function and usability since 1987.  Over 880 installations and still growing!

Learn more about how Software Gallery brings you in from the cold....



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